About me

…because it is all about me, isn’t it?

I have tried to save this part for last, as I’ve always found describing one’s self a rather squeamish task. I don’t have enough Leo in my chart to override the Scorpio ascendant that pulls a veil over most of what you see – or what I choose to reveal. (Yes, I embrace Astrology – live with it.) Also, you might ask, if I am espousing all things Celtic in me, why have I chosen just about every color besides green? Oh that would be just too predictable now, wouldn’t it? So, depending on why you have found yourself on this site, here is what I can offer you in terms of About Me.

where to go

If you have come here on business, I suggest you go to What I do and browse around for something that strikes you. There you will find samples of ads, brochures, business cards, book and magazine design, illustrations and logos, as well as some specialized items that might fill a niche you’ve been wondering how to deal with. That last sentence’s prepositional ending notwithstanding, I am also a fastidious proofreader and editor. The copy on many of these samples was also written by me. There are more examples of my writing specifically on the Words, etc. page (coming soon). Not to mention the sporadic and spontaneous Blog, where anything can and does show up. If you want to fast-forward to a resumé, hop on over to one for design, or acting (and all else related to it). So go, explore, and get back to me.

For all the other fun stuff, go here.

You can also email me. I’d love to hear from you. I think.

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