There are some strangely magical things happening here. Pages disappearing, reappearing, but not where I put them.

I took a test once, the results of which indicated that I used both sides of my brain equally. In learning this process of CSS, HTML, and all things technical that make up this process of web-building, I find that extremely hard to believe. Getting the left side of my brain to catch up with the right at this point seems a Sisyphean task. And I also can’t believe I spelled that word right the first time.

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My First Post – OH boy!

OH boy indeed.. unraveling the mystery of how all is created for transport through the ethers remains still to be discovered by my web-virgin mind. I am slowly beginning to see shadows of a thread here and there. Dare I pull one?

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Jumping In

I know this will become clearer as time goes on… but for now, it certainly seems a little daunting. I have just jumped down the rabbit hole, who knows what lurks beyond.

Not having that ease of control that one has as a print designer is certainly a lesson in letting go.

And the fact that the 10-year-old down the street probably understands the inner workings of web-land better than I do doesn’t seem to help, either.

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