Letting go… with or without abandon

From an article in The Uranian “From the Editor”, March-April 2018

Everything I’ve been reading about this recent Aquarius and Uranus energy pretty
much comes around to the same conclusion: it’s all about detachment—
letting go of what no longer serves us, or has outlived its purpose. That could be
anything from a pair of shoes, to a habit, to a marriage.

Or, put in Uranian/Aquarian terms, setting all that free. Some of us might tip-toe around it, making piles of clothes as we rummage though our closets and drawers — the “maybe” pile, the “I’ll-think-about-it-later” pile, the “definitely gotta go” pile… Others (the Aquarians among us, I suspect) just tossing anything we haven’t worn in the past year or two into a big plastic bag and calling Goodwill the next morning. How I envy them. Though it might be a bit difficult, I imagine, when done with such wildly enthusiastic abandon, not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

I tend to operate the same way when a relationship I cherish hangs in the balance. Unless the soles are totally worn out, and there’s no hope of patching up the spots worn away by time and friction, only then, perhaps, might it be time to surrender it — not to the recycle pile, but discarding it altogether. But, if there’s any chance of reviving it, rendering it useful, with a little loving care, then, just maybe… I have always had a hard time employing the Aquarian principle. It is also the sign of my North Node.

And then, moving on, we push that Aquarian energy into sacrificial Pisces. Time to reflect upon (and perhaps feel sorry for ourselves about) the decisions made with that Aquarian protocol. As Venus moves into a square with Mars, we see, as astrologer Kimberly Maxwell puts it (albeit a bit on the long-winded side, but descriptive nonetheless):In the case of Venus/Mars this can manifest as a strong need to take action in a relationship. How we assert ourselves or pursue our desires may be challenged. Being open to feedback can reveal an underlying fear that must be addressed for the relationship issue to be successfully resolved. Venus in Pisces acts as a sensitizing force of inclusion over the independent and adventurous Mars in Sagittarius. This aspect forms a nearly exact T-square to the October [2017] conjunction in service-oriented Virgo that amplifies the paradox of serving each person’s need for freedom to express as an individual while being at one with each other in a state of love.

One can only hope. Aquarius/Pisces, to me, equals sacrifice.

This recent Olympics has brought up some long-denied emotions. I was a figure skater for 30 years. I had not been able to watch any skating competitions, Olympic or otherwise, since the day I stopped skating. This was the first Olympics I could watch; and I was riveted to my TV (though at times wishing grace would win out over athletic ability), but riveted nonetheless. I realized I had forfeited leaving behind an unknown prospect — and the disappointment that goes with it — for accepting the decision I made; and I could finally share in the grace and joy of those who did not give up. Sacrifice, not unlike love, takes on many faces.

— Beannachtaí

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