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My rule: Decide what you want to say, keep it simple, and remember – white space is good. Not everyone can afford the luxury of a lot of it, but try to leave enough room for contemplation.

direct mail

Yes, these do still exist; there are people who still prefer to hold something physical in their hands, open up an actual folded piece, and feel the texture of well-made stock, with maybe even some embossing.
Without having to plug it in.

Bless them, and may Mother Nature forgive us this small luxury.

Lodge at Torrey Pines
Direct Mail




Click here to view this large-format tri-fold mailer.


Catamaran Spa Direct Mail



Catamaran Spa seasonal piece.



American Express Direct Mail for
The Lodge at Torrey Pines




American Express Direct Mail





A direct-mail piece for the Spa at Torrey Pines, in keeping with the Mackintosh theme of The Spa itself.



Print ads

Click on thumbnail to view full-size.





Piece for private tutor.



Product sheet for jewelry designer.






Newsletter for The Spa at Torrey pines


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