Business Cards

Business cards are really an extension of a letterhead package. Except that fewer and fewer people actually use letterhead anymore. But they do like their business cards. They’re sort of a first-glance snapshot that leaves a lasting impression. And you never get a second chance to make a first impression, right? Though if you say the wrong thing before handing someone your card, I can’t help you there.
You’re on your own.



My painter friend had a lot to say on his card. So we used both sides. It seems to be working out well for him.





This client wanted to transition back to her “dancing man”, so we worked on a new look for him.



The third rendition for this acupuncture client, which finally stuck. His logo, the Japanese symbol for “harmony”, however, remained unchanged.



Piano teacher and accompanist’s card.




Private tutor. The textured background was actually printed on the card.




Lodge at Torrey Pines double-sided cards, gold embossed, double-thick stock.



Catamaran Spa card, with only an enlarged portion of the bamboo logo showing.



Card with foil-embossed “H” and quarter moon.




Chiropractor’s card




And of course, there’s always the Gemini who has to have a card – a two-sided one – for every personality, no matter what the cost. It’s OK. I know people.





Anatomy of a business card

Sometimes – actually most of the time – it takes several tries to get (what you think is) the client’s point across. And out of those several, you choose even fewer to show them.
For instance:

She chose none of these, by the way.


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