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This is where you might find the solution to that pesky project you don’t quite know how you want to handle just yet. If nothing else, it’s a fun place to linger.

I love experimenting in Photoshop, and have found the perfect outlet for that in creating images for yearly calendars for clients, as well as myself. Pity it’s only needed once a year—but it lasts the whole 12 months long.


Look inside one.

Undertaking the graphics end of a once-a-year fundraising gala involves so much more than one would imagine. After a few years, I am finally getting the hang of it.

Invitation package, program, table cards…

The Lodge at Torrey Pines always posed some interesting challenges to me as the Creative Director of Evans Hotels.
What follows are a few examples of what makes it such a special place.

These are tags and spa product labels that followed an old “prescription-label” look from the Craftsman Era, adapted for amenities and signature items sold in the Gift Shop. Along those lines, for the opening of The Lodge, we also hand-wrapped hundreds of bars of soap in parchment paper and raffia.




The little extra touches are what make The Lodge such a special retreat. Every night there is something different on your pillow – a chocolate, a bottle of lavender spray – and a card with a special “restful” thought on it.

Totally out of my job description was designing this hammered copper fireplace hood for the lounge at The Lodge. I think it came out rather nicely…

…as  did the brass elevator door design.



Through the magic of Photoshop, a winter wonderland magically appeared just outside The Lodge’s lobby.








Every Christmas, The Lodge was decorated in Arts-and-Crafts-Era style – a well-choreographed mission I would oversee that took at least two days (and nights!) – with eight smaller trees in various locations and one tremendous, 18-foot tree in the lobby, which I personally decorated.

Cover and illustrations for Healthy from Day 1, a guide for making your home a healthy environment for your newborn. (Click on images to see full-size.)


A few other services available are custom framing, murals (on some not-terribly-traditional spaces), faux-painting, and color analysis for your store or living space. I am a staunch proponent of feng shui, and highly recommend Simone Butler’s intuitive sense and services.


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