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Now for the fun stuff

Summer Intensive 2011


I like to sing. I like to dance. I do one better than the other. Ironically, I was trained as an actor from my early teens and still have yet to do anything memorable there.

summer intensive 2009








I find all sorts of things to distract me from doing just that. I’m working on it.

Though I did have fun playing the Nurse in the ballet Romeo and Juliet, which was more acting (and padding) than dancing.

Letter Scene, Romeo and Juliet, 2012

This production and all that went with it was quite a wonderful experience. The costumes, some of which were over 35 years old (like mine), while beautiful, were quite heavy, to say the least. As in that cape which weighed a good 30 pounds in addition to what I had on under it. I had one rehearsal before opening night to learn how to run in it โ€“ backwards.

Nurse and Juliet








Poor Juliet,ย even her own parents abandoned her.
The epitome of the dysfunctional family, 16th century-style.

This is my favorite photograph, probably because it is from one of the most touching scenes.

To see a short montage of photos of rehearsals and performances, go to the videos page, or here.


All performance and rehearsal photos
by Chelsea Penyak.

but wait, there’s more

chatting up…


One evening I went to see a friend who had a jazz gig at one of the most touristy spots in San Diego, at the height of tourist season. I was halfway into my glass of wine when she called me up to sing. Also at that moment, the keyboard player’s sound stopped working… so I proceeded to chat up the audience while he worked diligently to get back into function mode.

July 2012, Old Town


Stand-up has never been my thing โ€“ but I was actually pretty good at it. Oh yeah, I did finally get to sing a something or two… in my wine-induced Diana Krall-type growl…
And yes, that would be a sun umbrella โ€“ a definite necessity at 8:00 at night…

And thanks to Valerie who actually brought a camera that night.



to be continued…

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  1. Francesca, you DO realize how wonderfully beautiful and talented you are yes? And as you said to Woody—you are worth it! From the time we met at USIU until now, your persistence, tenacity, talent, and well-toned body have always inspired me to do better for myself and strive to be my best. Love your website and videos. Loved the My Irish Home song especially, and of course the Firestorm video because of my own unwilling participation in it. Did you sing and play all the vocal songs on your videos? If so, you’d better add another page. ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep on keepin’ on, girlfrien’–you’re awesome! Love, Delene

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