These I do for fun and love, not profit – so far.
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Back to the Island

Originally intended to be a Christmas “card” for my family, this video soon found wings and grew into a story of looking at the past and dealing with the changes the present brings. If it weren’t for Woody’s loving kindness and generosity, I don’t think the experience would have been as sweet as it was sad. Also tagged towards the end is the brownstone where we lived when I was born, and the front of the office building where my father worked. Yes, there really is a 30 Rock. We called it that long before it was ever a TV show. Enjoy.

Back to The Island from Francesca Smith on Vimeo.

Romeo and Juliet

A short montage of  rehearsal and performance photos (yes there were two Romeos and Juliets). Production by City Ballet of San Diego, May 2012. I had the pleasure of re-enacting the role once again in May for our 2015-2016 Season. Photos by Chelsea Penyak.

ROMEO AND JULIET from Francesca Smith on Vimeo.

 A Valentine’s Day Card

No explanation needed here.

A Valentine’s Day Card from Francesca Smith on Vimeo.

San Diego Firestorm 2007

A collection of photos taken by photographers from The Union Tribune, the San Diego Humane Society and Animal Control, as well as myself during the horrific fires we experienced in October 2007. I hadn’t intended it to be about the animals, but that’s how it turned out. I sent the video to a friend at the Humane Society, who in turn walked it over it to the pound in the next building. It got around. The last I heard, San Diego Animal Control used it in their training. (It was a little daunting to find a letter from the Sheriff’s Department in my mailbox one day. Turned out to be a thank-you note.)

San Diego Firestorm 2007 from Francesca Smith on Vimeo.

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